v0.12.2 Nov 18, 2023

  • fixed alphabetical sort for items
  • delete and archive buttons in inline actions is protected now (click and hold for action)
  • in list header if item has no text, outlined version of "text" icon shown now
  • fixed search input position
  • fixed search result items position
  • added popup help text for item id in item settings
  • added link to top list at page when item not found
  • added list title in popup for `level up` button in list header
  • updated some help text
  • updated dependencies

v0.12.0 Sep 13, 2023

  • in list header added buttons for item settings, item text, external link (if item title contains one), added icons for done/archived items
  • item can be deleted from item settings, button is protected (click and hold for delete)
  • item can be moved to archive, restored from archive in item settings
  • item can be marked done/not done in item settings
  • in item settings show actual order for `inherit` mode in list (not in label)
  • added simple algorithm for dealing with data if same data showed in several places, also other changes related to improvements of data reactivity

v0.11.4 Jun 25, 2023

  • improve search ranking
  • hotkey: if press escape in search: on first press clear input, on second press jump back to current list
  • allow selecting text in .title in header of sublist, if overflow, allow select after first click, if no overflow allow select right away
  • click on item icon opens list as sublist
  • in settings show current "order rule" in case it is inherited
  • in item settings show create_time/update_time/done_time/archived_time
  • link to parent at "item settings"
  • in item settings show item id
  • new icon for item, if it has nested
  • some optimizations
  • some fixes